Confidentiality Statement
  1. I am required to attend Supervision in accordance with the Ethical Framework for Good Practice of the BACP for my Counselling work. This involves talking about my work without identifying my clients in any way.  
  information   2. If you reveal anything to me which relates to a serious crime or to the abuse or harming of yourself or others, I cannot guarantee confidentiality.  

3. I am required under statutory law to inform the relevant authorities of anything concerning acts of terrorism, drug trafficking or abuse of a minor.

  contract   4. If we decide on a contract for working together, using either Counselling or Hypnotherapy, you will be required to provide me with information relating to your address and telephone number and also the name and address of your G.P. All information provided will be strictly confidential and stored securely.  

©Pam Hall (née Hourihan)